"Grudge Match" (2013)- Review

This movie could have come out on any opening weekend-to have it open up on Christmas Day with a Martin S. film was pure suicide! This movie was NOT a match for anything! Even though Stallone & DeNiro are big names-they both should retire-from acting. Seeing how they both look shirtless & wrinkly in a boxing ring made me want to vomit! Two old farts boxing? Really? Alan Arkin really made me laugh during the film. Kevin Hart: that is a given. Kevin was drop dead hysterical in the movie. His role was a pivotal one and he is what made the movie enjoyable. I felt this film should have gone directly to DVD. It was not worth what I paid to see it in the theater. Rent or Netflix this! Get out of the "purchasing on DVD" ring and get in the "eh, I'll check it out" ring! Hold no grudges towards the ones who want to own this movie for the rest of their lives!