"The Wolf of Wall Street" (2013)- Review

I thought that the acting of DiCaprio was absolutely remarkable, flawless, epic, and very dynamic! He should be up for an Oscar next year! Jonah Hill was pretty good himself, although he is very entertaining in everything hat he plays in even if it is not a comedy genre, he will find a way to implement laughter into a movie that he is in starring or not. Haha! The movie was a very long three-hours. I kept looking at my watch. Not to see when it would end, but just to see what time it was. I have not been in a three hour movie since THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON! I was really sad that Matthew McConaughey's role in the movie was so small and so was he-he did not even look like the Matt I have been a fan of for years. His weight made him look so disturbing. I felt this movie was more than just average, but not great as all the hype that people were responding to. I men, Martin is a great and well-respected Director, but this film will be nominated for Best Picture because it is Scorsese. Leo using obsessive foul language and acting very disturbed REALLY captured my attention! I do not get to see him portray roles like that often so it is like a shock every once in a while. He narrated the movie the entire three hours & from his perspective. That was cool. I kind of had my own personal stock-market guru giving me illegal stock tips for three hours. There were many funny parts of the film with Hill and DiCaprio. Mostly Hill and it kept up the pace with the storyline. I learned something from Leo's character: Don't change for money and don't money define or change you-in any way. It took his take-down to make him realize what he had done and what he had to live for.