"Lone Survivor" (2014)- Review

It was very difficult to watch and I could NOT bare what I saw on the screen knowing that this was a true story and people get killed and gunned down like that even today. This was an epic movie led by an epic actor, Mark Wahlberg. He was the lone survivor. I felt this movie was all about him because the characteristics that Wahlberg's character exhibited is the same of Wahlberg, the actual person: Mark is AND the character he played are: strong, independent, a survivor, supportive, attentive, alert, & most of all humble and willing to go out of his way to help anyone. Mark was Marcus and himself in the film, I felt. If you can bare the 2-hour film and the graphic imagery--I think that you can bare 5 more minutes for the ending credits! The movie had the right message, but most importantly, it had the PERFECT actor with the PERFECT role being the PERFECT lone survivor! I am forever grateful to Mark for all he does for his family, his fans, for anyone! Great film!!!!