"Ride Along" (2014)- Review

Two great actors and comedians. The movie had laughs but no the drop dead laughter. Kevin Hart really had to try extra hard to be funny in this film opposed to his others where he did not have to put fourth that much more extra effort. Ice Cube is really funny when he makes those facial expressions with his curled up lip looking like Elvis! Lol! It would be so incredibly hard to see Hart play a serious role (just saying) because he is such a comical genius! I loved the introduction and the opening credits. He reminded me of Queen Latifah driving the streets of NYC in "Taxi" with Jimmy Fallon. The way that she was driving on those streets was how Ice Cube was driving in JUST the beginning of this movie. I say that Cube and hart have good on-screen chemistry in the movie. I figured out who the "bad guys" were midway into the film but knew who THE bad guy was form the credits! A major giveaway. They did not try to conceal that too hard.The movie was pretty average and not all what it was racked up to be, but still enjoyable-not VERY but still enjoyable because of Hart. Ice Cube was funny and had his moments, but he could have put in a little bit more extra umph! Cube's looks that he gives are classic and Hart....well he is just-Kevin! Lol!