"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" (2014)- Review

I was really intrigued by the movie. I really enjoyed it a ton despite what the critics said-critics criticize & hardly ever have anything positive to say about films most of the time. My adreneline always pumps in suspense/action movies when there are scenes like a bomb countdown, copying files illegally, etc. The fear of the actor getting caught is what makes the movie-the not knowing. I love that thrill and hint of danger! It's predictable @ times & at others--not so much! I loved the high speed car chases and the fighting scenes. Those are what made me love the movie. It was equally put together: some not so exciting parts which laid the foundation for the film and the action parts which derived from the not so exciting parts. The ending was; perfect. Just as I pictured it. There was minimal humor throughout the film, but I still loved Agent Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit & so should you!