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"Non-Stop" (2014)- Review

Liam Neeson. Ah, the perfect action badass! The movie was full non-stop action, thrills, chills & 30,000 feet in the air kills! It had suspense, it made you think & second guess yourself over and over again! When the cryptic texts appear and read: "I will kill someone every 20 minutes!" Watch closely to see how a clandestine killer kills-it will astound you! When the true killer is finally will be speechless! This is not a predictable movie. The people you will not suspect, you should & vise versa. It is like playing Clue. You have to eliminate the victims from the one who is the real dangeruous killer who is after something! It is the best care from someone in the air over the Mid-Atlantic!

"Three Days to Kill" (2014)- Review

Amber Heard heard it wrong again! From Paranoia to 3 Days to Kill....she did NOT have a killer performance or acting capabilities! The only thing killer about her in these two movies were her outfits-that's pretty much it! Her acting needs work. The movie overall was just average-although the trailer was kicksss; the movie--not so hot! The storyline was amazing but the movie lacked that "CIA killer 007" vibe is was supposed to have. They could've brought it out a little bit more. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was better than this; even Salt with Jolie was better. I was disappointed in this film. Costner was the wrong choice for the main character. It should have been DeNiro, Wahlberg, or someone with that action badass look that could sell. It was good but definitely could have been better.

"About Last Night" (2014)- Review

Kevin Hart, of course, MADE this movie--Regina Hall was right there along side of him shining just as brightly as he was on-screen! Ealy & Bryant were like the "dull and complacent" couple whereas Hart & Hall were alive, vibrant, active, full of sexual energy. Any scene that they were in whether together or separately: FLAWLESS! I am not saying anyone's acting was bad-I am just pointing out the differences in the couples! I feel like Ealy and Bryant's acting matched perfectly with the type of relationship they had in the movie. They had something solid, but it could have been better! The movie was HIGHLY entertaining as a whole-but Kevin had a pivotal part in me laughing uncontrollably! Paula Patton had me cracking up too for the small part she played in the movie as well!

"Endless Love" (2014)- Review

First off-this was a low budget film and I really wanted MORE out of it! I still appreciated it! Alex Pettyfer said in an E! Interview that he classifies himself as a "hopeless romantic" & loves romantic movies-the way he portrayed his character in this movie was so profound it moved me! The girl who Pettyfer loved-the way that she was so timid and scared to say and do anything really made me feel so sorry for her and not relax until David could help her to relax! She really got into character with her body language in the beginning of the film. The actress who played the mother said that David (Pettyfer) awoken something in her and in her family and also made her believe in love again. Alex really got into this role! If you just listen to the things he says in the movie-it is as if he is reading a love story from a book. Men do not talk like he did. He did not make it seem like it was from a script. He was VERY VERY VERY believable! This movie came out on the right day:…

"RoboCop" IMAX (2014)- Review

There was not a lot of high anticipation for this film being one of the new year's newest blockbuster's, but I had the opportunity to see it at a private screening and in IMAX and I was not disappointed at the picture quality and sound, but was saddened by the main character that they cast as RoboCop. For one thing, they should have gotten a well-established actor to portray RoboCop. He did not create the legend of RoboCop. There was Keaton and Jackson in the film, but they had pivotal roles not not pivotal enough, for me. I was not satisfied with the ending result of the overall presentation. I am glad that I had the chance to see it for free and in advance before paying full admission price. It keeps your attention but before the film even began people were commenting that the original will be tough to beat-that is true; all of the movie nowadays are constant remakes & they do not live up to the stellar reputations of the originals! No matter what! The movie was average,…

"Vampire Academy" (2014)- Review

The movie lacks in bites and in blood as well. I feel that movies that are derived from books are always going to leave things out; therefore, I feel that people can see movies like this without having read books prior. I was falling asleep during the movie-it did NOT keep my attention at all! I have to agree with the critics on this one! The tag line for the film is very perfect: they suck at school! The only thing that did not suck was the acting and badass talents of the leading lady who portrayed Rose. She had the look, the vibe, the......everything! I could not get into it & I was very sad that a movie that had the ability to be was lacking one thing: the acting. This film had a cast of no-named actors and actresses besides Olga and Joely. There is NOTHING more to say but not to get "sucked" into this and be a person to suck because you got sucked! Be warned students---just be warned! If you read the book and are devoted to seeing the film, that is fine. But if you …