"RoboCop" IMAX (2014)- Review

There was not a lot of high anticipation for this film being one of the new year's newest blockbuster's, but I had the opportunity to see it at a private screening and in IMAX and I was not disappointed at the picture quality and sound, but was saddened by the main character that they cast as RoboCop. For one thing, they should have gotten a well-established actor to portray RoboCop. He did not create the legend of RoboCop. There was Keaton and Jackson in the film, but they had pivotal roles not not pivotal enough, for me. I was not satisfied with the ending result of the overall presentation. I am glad that I had the chance to see it for free and in advance before paying full admission price. It keeps your attention but before the film even began people were commenting that the original will be tough to beat-that is true; all of the movie nowadays are constant remakes & they do not live up to the stellar reputations of the originals! No matter what! The movie was average, but it was no Spider, Iron, or Superman film. It did not leave me speechless but the last line that Jackson gave salvaged the movie! I could be Ok with it ending the way that it did, but a sequel is coming-I could see it and I could feel it. Det. Murphy was just an ordinary RoboCop simply like the movie....


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