"Endless Love" (2014)- Review

First off-this was a low budget film and I really wanted MORE out of it! I still appreciated it! Alex Pettyfer said in an E! Interview that he classifies himself as a "hopeless romantic" & loves romantic movies-the way he portrayed his character in this movie was so profound it moved me! The girl who Pettyfer loved-the way that she was so timid and scared to say and do anything really made me feel so sorry for her and not relax until David could help her to relax! She really got into character with her body language in the beginning of the film. The actress who played the mother said that David (Pettyfer) awoken something in her and in her family and also made her believe in love again. Alex really got into this role! If you just listen to the things he says in the movie-it is as if he is reading a love story from a book. Men do not talk like he did. He did not make it seem like it was from a script. He was VERY VERY VERY believable! This movie came out on the right day: Valentine's Day! The father controlled his kids, isolated them from life and living and it took David to show him how to live again and to let go. The movie has meaning, it has depth and passion. The ending with the father and David will move you-the entire movie will move you! It is an unconditional & endless love in deed....


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