"Need For Speed" (2014)- Review

No words! It was like watching a Fast/Furious movie with a bunch of no-named actors but 2 or 3. It was 2 hours filled with fast-paced....on the edge of your seat adreneline pumping thrills and chills! The IMPACTS of the car crashing scenes is what made the movie! Aaron Paul did a remarkable job! His acting was dynamite like he was the next Paul Walker (so serious). The cars were so intriguing & the entire vibe for the movie was explosive! I really enjoyed this movie! If I had not gone to an early screening-I would have gladly paid money to see it! There is NOTHING bad I can say about the film. It had a mixture of love, loss, scares, & laughter! All the right combinations to be a huge success! I just wish that there could have been more well-deserving cast members, but this movie will boost the reputation of the actors in it-that is for sure! I loved this movie & it was exciting and just....perfect! I need a rest after watching it because there was so much speed and everything was happening so fast-it forces you never to slow down to catch up. You want to be on the edge of your seat? Get a need for speed and head to a theater! Get drivin'!