"Vampire Academy" (2014)- Review

The movie lacks in bites and in blood as well. I feel that movies that are derived from books are always going to leave things out; therefore, I feel that people can see movies like this without having read books prior. I was falling asleep during the movie-it did NOT keep my attention at all! I have to agree with the critics on this one! The tag line for the film is very perfect: they suck at school! The only thing that did not suck was the acting and badass talents of the leading lady who portrayed Rose. She had the look, the vibe, the......everything! I could not get into it & I was very sad that a movie that had the ability to be was lacking one thing: the acting. This film had a cast of no-named actors and actresses besides Olga and Joely. There is NOTHING more to say but not to get "sucked" into this and be a person to suck because you got sucked! Be warned students---just be warned! If you read the book and are devoted to seeing the film, that is fine. But if you can resist the thirst, resist! Trust me! Stay in the Cool Academy and NOT the Vampire Academy!