"Three Days to Kill" (2014)- Review

Amber Heard heard it wrong again! From Paranoia to 3 Days to Kill....she did NOT have a killer performance or acting capabilities! The only thing killer about her in these two movies were her outfits-that's pretty much it! Her acting needs work. The movie overall was just average-although the trailer was kicksss; the movie--not so hot! The storyline was amazing but the movie lacked that "CIA killer 007" vibe is was supposed to have. They could've brought it out a little bit more. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was better than this; even Salt with Jolie was better. I was disappointed in this film. Costner was the wrong choice for the main character. It should have been DeNiro, Wahlberg, or someone with that action badass look that could sell. It was good but definitely could have been better.