"Veronica Mars" (2014)- Review

First off, I have NOT seen one episode of this TV show that was turned into a movie! But the first 5 minutes of it explained everything and some of the characters from the show was in the movie; some--not all! Bell playing the lead character is not suited for her. She just does not have that look that can capture a screen for this role. She has that sweet look and not the badass/ jokester look. The movie was utterly original and lacked acting. I was starting to drift off into oblivion and that is so not me if I am into a movie. Could not get into it. I mean it kept my attention but not my full attention. Don't you hate when you go to the theater all vibrant and active up until the point when the movie begins and the more it plays...that is when you notice it is boring and you start to feel the opposite of how you felt when you first arrived? That's what happened to me. The storyline was weak-the acting was so,so. The movie just was, eh.