"Single Mom's Club" (2014)- Review

I'm really amazed at how much this film got to me. I think that the 5 ladies circumstances and how they dealt with being single mothers touched my heart. I have never been so move or inspired to get up in the middle of a movie and take a stand on this issue and I am not even a father nor have I been married. Nia Long gave the performance of a lifetime! Her son is the splitting image of her. When I tell you the love and concern she showed him in the movie-it might have been acting, but it is more real than anything else. I connected with her character in the aspect that when it comes to your children, parents will do everything possible to protect them. I see it from mine. Coco and Wendi's characters in the beginning of the movie was deliciously hysterical! The women gave all single mother's the inspiration to press forward and NOT let the bad turmoil get you down. Find the support and the strength to gain control of your life and situation. Hope is still alive for single mothers. This was NOT just a film. This was a tribute to all single moms out here in the world who these actresses KNOW can survive and be self-reliant, independent and strong-willed women. Single mothers do not need men to define them...if they find a good man to assist them and nurture them: Great! If not, that is great too! Terry Crews was acting a fool in the movie but he still was a sincere gentleman with one attribute that stood out: his willingness to help. So, in closing-this movie can touch men and women. All these women in the movie are golden just as the single moms across the globe are too!