"Sabotage" (2014)- Review

This movie was a gory bloodbath! It was a very low budget and non-costly film, but it was still good nonetheless. The beginning was a little boring but then as the film progressed, it got really interesting. The killing was so intense and like a Tarantino film. Lol! Arnold did a really good job but dang is he looking old in movies. The movie was utterly original but still good. I guessed who the bad person was mid-way in the film, but I really did like the killing because it was gory but it still freaks me out seeing blood splattered all over the place. Sabotoge was really interesting to me and it had a good and decent plot. I would rather have seen it at a screening or for a matinee which I did. But all in all, it was a good movie with a lot of killing and a twist.