"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (2014)- Review

I really wanted to see this movie on Opening Weekend, but it could not be helped. I saw it two weeks after its debut! Chris Evans was a beast and Scarlett was a badass leather know-it-all Diva! Those two actors have compatiable on screen chemistry! Jackson was still his usual sarcastic seld as Nick Fury. Had a GREAT time being highly entertained by Captain America & the sassy Black Widow!!! I can see why this movie has been a Box Office success. This movie, to me was better than the first film. It seems like sequels always seem better than originals or is it just me who thinks this theory? Lol. I was just amazed at how the movie was centered on Steve Rogers and Natasha. I figured out who the bad guy was besides The Winter Soldier. I was not surprised that it was who it was. Like Nick said to the Cap; "trust no one & he did not know himself who he could trust." As soon as that was said, I KNEW the bad guy was _________! A valueable lesson to be learned is that you can know someone for years & years without REALLY knowing them.