"Oculus" (2014)- Review

The movie is NOT scary but some of the images and somewhat reeking & gruesome scenes can make you flinch! I shut my eyes BEFORE something bloody and disgusting was about to happen. I could see by the way a certain was going that I was not going to like the final outcome & I was right. The actress who played the older sister played her role great, but her one flaw was that she was talking too fast! All the while she was videotaping her story of the mirror, I was thinking to myself that she'd make a great news anchor. Lol. She was the take charge actress. The movie was hard to follow for the simple fact that it was shown in parallel worlds so you could not tell if something was real or fake, a dream or the present, the past in the present, an illusion from the present in the past, etc. It was very psychological than scary. That made it NOT PREDICTABLE & I LOVED that about the movie! It was entertaining to watch but you have to watch it more than once to understand becsuse the mirror shows you all types of things. After looking at this film, looking into a mirror might nor be the same.....ever.....


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