"Think Like A Man Too" (2014)- Review

I always seem to think that sequels are almost always better than the original movie itself, but this movie was that & it was more alive and vibrant. The tone. The feel. The humor. The action. The….everything was magnified, to me. The narrator of the movie was Kevin Hart and naturally he did a flawless job. He makes acting like a complete jackass simply easy and requires no basic or common sense at all. Lol! Kevin Hart had me laughing my ass off-literally! I am so glad I had the chance to see the movie at an early screening. Meagan Good was looking really-good. Haha! It was great to see the cast mates come together to make another Box Office success. I hope that there is Think Like a Man Thrice and so on! Never stop making these movies because they are brilliantly made and cast! Jenifer Lewis plays a superb “mother” role to any actor or actress. Her motherly instincts really bring out her acting capabilities. She really had me laughing and cursing her damn character out, too! She has the ability to do that too, but what mother doesn't? I was really looking forward to seeing this movie since last year when I heard about it. The movie really was all about the couple getting married, but Kevin Hart seemed to be the main attraction. Everything centered around him and his crazy pranks. The movie is Vega-sensational! There is ONE scene where I would rewind it over and over again and that is the strip club scene. I have not laughed that hard and that loud in such a long time! You have GOT to see it to believe it! That was the highlight of the film! The scene where the girls were singing the song, poison---that was a great scene too. The soundtrack to this movie was something that impressed me as well. It was music that everyone in the theater was dancing too while sitting down and watching. The vibe of this movie was directly on point and it was epic! I think that I will pay to see it when it hits theatres even though I saw it four weeks early! It was that damn flawlessly, epically, highly, and sinfully entertaining! I loved Taraji’s character’s feisty attitude and the things that she had to say in the movie too! It was perfect from start to and I wish that it would not finish! Words to no high degree can express how phenomenal the movie was. I will not be shocked when it rocks the Box the weekend of June 20th! Party on!