"Neighbors" (2014)- Review

I felt that even though the movie was absolutely wonderful and highly enjoy and laughable-that there was something missing: more time. I did NOT want this laughter and movie to ever end. A sequel needs to be made! I can literally say that I love Ambercrombie and Fitch equally (you will understand once you see the film). I had some really great neighbors! Lol! Zac Efron and Seth Rogen were really the main characters while Rose Byrne and Dave Franco were the supporting cast mates. They way the film began was gross and so Seth Rogen, which made it perfectly delicious-but as the film progressed, I fell in love with it and was thinking that this movie will be a Box Office success and that I cannot wait to buy it on BluRay. I was thinking in advance because the film was that damn good!! There were soooo many funny parts in the movie that if I had to choose my all time favorite part, I literally could not. I do not want to give away any spoilers but trust me-this was one erected, vile, crude, and rude sexual-typed film that will give you quite the erection. Lol! You gotta see the movie to understand that last comment. Lol! Some of the funny parts that were shown in the actual trailer were even funnier in the movie. There are things that you will see happen that you were not expecting. The one thing I was disappointed about was that all the funny parts that were shown in the trailer, you knew when they were going to happen during the movie. The trailer gave away a lot of the good scenes, but I did not care like I said. I fell in love with this film from the moment that I heard about it and had not even seen a trailer or teaser. I had the opportunity to meet Seth Rogen when I worked with him as an extra on This Is The End; Dave Franco on Now You See Me; and Zac Efron on The Paperboy. I met them-actually met and talked to them briefly all at different times and on different movie sets. That is so awesome! If you need a hardcore and vile laugh: see this movie! If you need to get away: see this movie! If you just want to laugh uncontrollably: see this movie! If you want to get rid of your neighbors and don't know how to do it: DEFINITELY SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE--"Yea, I'm talkin' to YOU!"