"22 Jump Street" (2014)- Review

The sequel was TWICE the fun! DOUBLE the laughter! TWICE the sexual references! TRIPLE the stupidity! Sequels just always seem to be more vibrant and alive than the originals. Lol! Even though certain movies could be centered on two or more main actors, ONE always seem to outshine the other(s). That is what Jonah Hill did in this movie. He had me laughing uncontrollably in the theater! When it is revealed who Hill’s character is sleeping with-you will burst out of your skin! You MUST stay for the ending credits if you want to have more laughter! When the film first starts out, Jonah sets the stage for the humor. Channing does a pretty good job acting foolish in the film, but Jonah really outdoes him. Truly. I laughed so hard at one part in particular with Ice Cube in it. I just don’t know what else to say about the movie, except that I enjoyed it-HIGHLY ENJOYED it and I have no doubt in my mind that you will also! Hill & Tatum most definitely have on-screen chemistry together. I am laughing right now as I am writing my review of the film because I am just thinking about all of the stupid and outrageously funny things that Jonah said and did throughout the movie and I cannot pick my favorite because they were ALL pretty sweet scenes! I know that this movie will be a Box Office Success just like 21 Jump Street! Get ready to laugh hard and just have the best 2 hours of your life with the adventures of Jenko and Schmidt…..