"Sex Tape" (2014)- Review

A flawlessly made movie! This movie was- sexually contagious & delicious! It is RARE that I feel the way that I do about this movie. This movie gave me shocks throughout my entire body! It made me feel alive and vibrant because the laughter was ongoing for the entire film from start to finish! My eyes were red, mouth was hurting, eyes watering, jumping in and out of my seat, etc. All the correct feelings of a person who enjoyed a positively entertaining comedy movie! Diaz and Segel really had on-screen chemistry. If anyone asked me to identify one of my favorite scenes, I literally can't. I would simply say-"the ENTIRE SEX TAPE" was my favorite part! I mean the sex tape they made, the entire movie, the...everything! This is my new favorite movie when someone asks me. I have never laughed so hard and so much in a comedy movie like I did in this movie! The opening scene was perfect because it laid the foundation down for the film. The biggest shocker was a certain actor appearing at the close of the film and naming websites (hint hint). One thing this comedy had that I've never seen before is SUSPENSE! We never knew what might happen. You would think one thing and you'd be on the edge of your seat hoping....and then....


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