"Lucy" (2014)- Review

This movie was—intensely intriguing. I say that because Lucy, the main character in the film was both “intense” & “intriguing.” I have to admit that the movie could have been a bit better and the way that it ended was appropriate but at the same time, not. It seems as if a sequel will be made, but I am not going to be in favor of it. The start of the film was really graphic and illuminating! I was all into it. The killing was unusual; but still funny to see and not gory nor was it gruesome. There were scenes within the film where you HAD to chuckle a smile because facial expressions & and certain things that characters did and said were in fact, funny. Morgan Freeman did not have a big role in the film but the beginning of the film matched the ending. I will give the film that! I loved the comparisons that the film kept on making between the animals and people. I want to say that I loved the film, but what I loved the absolute best was the plot. It was something that was really new, vibrant, and just plain cool-not ordinary. The movie was good and Johnasson did a really remarkable job portraying the role of Lucy. She had the look and she had me totally convinced that she was in fact, in need of assistance and she was very believable! There should have been more actors in the film than just her and Freeman. I think that the film had a very good premise, but it needed to be brought out more than what I was. They should have elaborated on Lucy more fully and showed what happened after she reached 100%. I think that showing the percentage stages throughout the film where Lucy was evolving into something remarkable was a great idea and needed to be shown in the way that it was in the movie. Like I said, the movie had a great plot and great elements that come together, but it should have been intensified more and explained in greater detail. Lucy is no longer plain-she is fierce and kind of unstoppable…..


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