"Get On Up" (2014)- Review

Chadwick really got on up- and down, like literally! He gave a flawless and stellar performance as James Brown. That makeup job on him was....pure perfection. He needs to get his recognition during Oscar nominating time- he at least, deserves to be nominated. People/critics are giving him glowing comments on his role as James Brown. He was walking, dressing, talking, and esp. dancing like him. Made me think the Godfather of Soul had risen from the grave! The young, talented, & very dynamite Boseman did an outstanding job. I can appreciate how the movie shifted in years (i.e. 1969 to '39 to '93 then back to '69). I would have preferred the movie start from Brown as a child until his death- in order. Like I said, I can appreciate the Director for doing something out of the ordinary and aiming to be and to do a biography film out of sequence while still piecing everything together and letting it fall into place. I loved the movie from start to finish. I will most definitely be buying it on DVD and not trying to dance like James cuz I'll get on down and won't be able to get on up! Lol! ♬♬♬