"The Equalizer" (2014)- Review

Denzel, Denzel...you have done it AGAIN! This movie exceeded my expectations! This movie was gory, explicit, crude, explosive, and flawlessly directed, written, and sensational! The actors were fantastic! The movie started off a tad slow, but then when Denzel had the opportunity to do this thing- he did it and to the max. You would have never assumed from how the movie started he was the type of person that he was the entire film. The concept that I loved the most about the film was how precise Denzel was, how he was focused on time, & how he zoomed and zeroed in on HOW he was going to kill and the THINGS he was going to kill with in his given surroundings. The manner in which he killed all the people who did his close friends wrong was shown on screen and it was brutal, but very quick. The film ended the way it was supposed to, also. He never divulged who he was or what he use to do, the bad guys never could predict or prepare for him because he was always one step ahead of them. It was like he was a cold and calculating killer, but he was not cold because all the people he killed, he did it for the people who he respected, appreciated, and was close to him and he looked out for. This is by far the best movie that I have seen this year in 2014! I know without a doubt that this movie will be a box office smash! It will be No. 1 without any problems! Denzel Washing delivers a dynamite performance & the box office results will be just like his performance: Massively Explosive!


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