"The Good Lie" (2014)- Review

It started off very abrasive, but it was bearable to watch. As the movie progressed on, the movie was great even though the conditions they faced were horrific! The actors who were from Kenya and were flown to the US, they really played the parts well- they were totally believable! Examples: they told a joke about why did the chicken cross the road, they did not know what pizza was, the way that they talked about the US and our customs, McDonald’s, how to use straws, and how to use and answer a telephone. Reese Witherspoon gave a stellar performance! When her character was first introduced to us, she was hard and straightforward, but as she got to do research on where the Lost Boys came from and what they faced and was subjected to, her whole attitude changed. She wanted to help in a more in-depth kind of a way instead of the way she told them when they were first introduced to her: all she had to do was to find them jobs and then let them go. That is what I appreciated about her character. She cleaned up her life and her house to bring the boy’s sister to them in Missouri because she was in Boston with another family. You could see the change in her when she wanted to foster their sister herself because she stopped to realize how much her brothers wanted her to be with them as a family; as a unit. There were certain scenes where the boys would make snide comments to each other or to people in the movie because of something the people said or did that was funny and it was good to have a bit of humor in the movie amidst all the vile and corrupt things in it that you have to see. Lastly, I can understand why the title is what is- simply put: the Chief told a good lie to get his brother, Theo into the US with his other brothers and his sister. It is a remarkable movie I had the pleasure of seeing.