"No Good Deed" (2014)- Review

I thought that this movie was very good, the ONLY thing that I hated about it was the fact that Taraji's character was just plain dumb. What she did with the intruder and cold-blooded murderer was....there is just no words or one word to describe it! She let him into her home, introduced him to her kids, sat and talked with him, drank with him. There is NO good person on the face of the earth who would help out a perfect stranger this much and invite him or her into their home to just chill and always ask what they can do for them. In horror/suspense pictures, some of these things must happen because if the victims do the right thing all the time, movies like this would be 20-30 minutes long. Lol! Seriously! Taraji did do her damn thang- as only she can say and do! She fought to stay alive and she did not give in and she refused to be a victim even though she was putting hers and her kids lives at risk by testing the intruder at every single chance she got. The character of Terri was smart and feisty and never backed down. There was a significant twist in the movie that we never saw coming- and it is HUGE! I loved that twist! It was pure genius! The movie was dynamite and it needed to be at the #1 Spot at the Box Office! The killings were brutal but bearable to watch. No blood splatter like Taraintino, but killing like in his movies done by Actor Idris Elba. Grab your favorite popcorn and head to a theater and do your good deed and see "No Good Deed."