"The Wedding Ringer" (2015)- Review

Talk about laughing out ‘mother-freakin’ loud! Kevin Hart does it AGAIN….and he will again and again! I was laughing so incredibly hard at this movie from start to finish! He and Josh Gad really have that best friend on-screen chemistry! I kid you not. I had the opportunity to see this movie at an advanced screening & it was the best 2 hours of my entire life! If there is another promo for it, I will be seeing it. Buying it on BluRay? Duh. 

I will see it once it comes into theaters next year most likely! Kevin is one very talented and hilarious young man! I did NOT have a favorite part because EVERY damn part was crazy, funny, and enjoyable to see! I never wanted the movie to end. I felt like I was in the movie because I was laughing just as much as the actors were in their roles! Lol! 

This is a GREAT movie to start the New Year off to see! I already KNOW that this will be a Box Office 4th of July Fireworks Colossal Success! Josh Gad was just as amazing as Kevin Hart! Just the simplest thing he did by making a certain facial expression or doing something simple, which was funny had me cracking up laughing! The audience was talking, yelling, and screaming and could not contain themselves in their seats because the movie was HIGHLY entertaining! 

There was never a dull moment in the movie and why should there be? It is Kevin Hart! On a serious note, there was a lesson I learned in the movie- the lesson is about being isolated and who really is a true friend versus friends. It was touching when Hart & Gad’s characters talked about their lives and why they are who they are. It might have been a comedy movie, but what they said about life and friends was no joke because it is like that for people. 

Even though this was a serious comedy, there was a serious message to grasp from the movie as well and Kevin and Josh relayed that part exceptionally flawlessly! Ring out wild bells because it will get wild at these weddings! See you soon to ring it in!!!