"Addicted" (2014)- Review

Sharon Leal & William Levy tore up each other & the screen with their performances! How many takes it took for them to nail (no pun intended) their scenes, I wonder? Lol! You could not figure out what was real and what was a fantasy in Zoe’s mind. One minute she is having passionate and steamy sex with a man and then she is dreaming about it and it seems so real to her that it is literally a damn dream! Now that is what you can call “a heated moment” and a passionate imagination! The book was NOTHING compared to seeing it on THEE Big Screen! All of the sex scenes were erotic, sexy, steamy, hot, enticing, seductive- just explosive like fireworks going off on the 4th of July! I loved the opening titles of the film and the credits. It was perfect! The very first sex scene with Boris Kodjoe and Sharon Leal was just- as Flavor Flav would say, “woooooooow!” Lol! I loved the movie and I cannot wait to buy it on BluRay! I want to see it again and again. I can get addicted on Addicted! I was waiting months to see this movie. When I first heard about it, I was on board. It was odd to see Tasha Smith act rational seeing as her previous character acts ghetto in most of her work. I loved every second of the movie. My mouth was just open in shock at some of the things I saw in this movie. It was explicit, it was raunchy, it was twisted, and it is addicting!