"The Judge" (2014)- Review

I was HIGHLY impressed at how spectacular and heart-touching this film was. Downey Jr. did an outstanding job and so did Duvall! They worked perfect together and had on-screen chemistry. The way that the film ended had to end the way that it did, but anyone could grasp the message in the last scene with Hank and The Judge. I appreciated and respected what transpired between father and son. There were some humorous scene in the film, of course by Downey Jr. He loves to tell jokes and has a great sense of humor so why not let it show in his character on the big screen. Even though, this was a serious movie, adding a touch of humor can make the film stand out even more! I loved this movie and it should get nominations at The Oscars next year! Farmiga had a small part in the film, but she did a great job in the scenes with Downey Jr. She added her own special touch of spice to the movie in keeping it alive and fresh- she had a realistic touch that she brought to the film and to Downey's estranged character. I loved every second of the film. There was a lesson to be learned in it and that was to never be estranged from your family no matter what problems you have- people only  one life to live and they should live it with their blood and never run away because the same problems will still be there haunting you until you face them and try to move forward and deal with them- don't let them rule you and do not let anyone judge you!