"John Wick" (2014)- Review

Never a dull moment. I felt so alive and full of life as I was watching this film and getting into it too. It started off where it showed the ending first and then the ending came up and then the film continues up until the very end. I do not like films like that at all- no matter how great the acting or the film is itself. This film reminded me of any and every badass action film where the violence and killing was so gory and brutal, it just seemed so real. Some of the things that Reeves did in the film to the bad guys and how he was trying to medicate himself made me gag. He was killing people left and right and shooting them in the head up close and personal; brains were splattering all over the place. It was intense and gruesome to watch but still a damn dynamite movie-I am not gonna lie to you! I will buy this when it hits shelves on BluRay! The scene where the dog is introduced is so cute and adorable! You have to see it to believe it! There is absolutely NOTHING that I can say negative about this movie. It was explosive, it was hardcore, it was gangsta, and most importantly- it was....action-packed; Wick-style!


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