"Ouija" (2014)- Review

The movie was entertaining…and by that I mean I thought it was funny how this movie had all and I do mean ALL of the little sounds and on the edge of your seat anxiety scenes where you did not know what was going to happen next, but if you had to guess, you guess would have been right on the money. Ouija was not a predictable or unpredictable movie- some parts were predictable where other parts had you guessing. From the way that it ended, there will be a sequel. I thought that the way the Ouija board kept on appearing was the funniest thing ever in the entire film because the audience could NOT get over talking about it and really reacting to it resurfacing like Michael Myers in all the Halloween movies! Lol! In short, this movie was enjoyable & it is always good to see people get scared in a horror film that is not scary or has minimal horror in it! The cast of young actors did an average job, but the main character, Lainie really did a good job at looking scared, skeptical, and the lead. I have to give credit where it is due. This is the perfect movie to see on Halloween night after you trick ‘r treat!