"Nightcrawler" (2014)- Review

Gyllenhaal was a night crawler in every sense of the word. He really played his character to the fullest that he could possibly play him. His role got on my nerves a bit when he was always talking like a robot quoting textbook lines and business lingo along with statistics. That is what really made his character shine to me, by doing those little nerve-racking things. I was thinking as the movie was going on that he should be nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film because he really captured two things in the film- his stories and he captured me. I was captivated by his performance. He was NOT the predictable type character. The movie was not a horror movie, but I could see why the release date was on Halloween- the imagery & what he did and what he and the audience had to see was frightening but not frightening like seeing a true horror film such as Child's Play or Freddy Kruger. Aiming to have a different spin on scary is a good thing and this film provided that. There were parts of the film where Gyllenhaal just did something without talking that was captivating and could get a reaction out of me and he did say things that would make me laugh or chuckle. This was a movie that I enjoyed watching because what you think would happen- didn't and vise versa & that is an aspect I want more movies to do- to stop being so predictable. Trick the audiences and make them think instead of guess and always be right. In short, it is better to see Jake do his thing at night in the theaters because you will learn to get inside his head and easily find out what makes him tick and become- THEE Nightcrawler!


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