"Gone Girl" (2014)- Review

This movie totally exceeded my expectations! Pike gave an Oscar-worthy performance! She gave such a phenomenal performance-I wanted to clap at the close of the feature presentation! I think that this movie will be nominated at the Oscars next year! It was incredible! I can say that over and over again! Ben Affleck's character was ______ (why spoil it for you?). There was NEVER EVER a dull moment in this film. I loved it from start to finish. The plot of the movie I figured out, but this was a mystery thriller of a killer masterpiece! That is definite! Pike's character was "gone" to me and I mean that she lost her marbles! Lol! She was toxic! This is a movie that I will be buying when it comes out on BluRay- no doubt about it! I do not want to say anything more about it except it is full of suspense, intrigue, sexual references, and explicit material! It will keep you on your toes and most of all, it will keep you guessing and it will NOT be predictable as you may think! A lot of twists, cuts, and wild turns!