"Annabelle" (2014)- Review

The film was NOT as scary as I thought. There was one part that kept me in suspense because I knew something was going to happen. I just did not know WHEN. Lol! The movie started off just like The Conjuring did and ended the same way. I felt this movie should have been shown first, then The Conjuring and any sequels after that. The doll was similar to Chucky in the Child’s Play movies where a human soul was transferred into the doll, but in this movie, the doll did not talk, walk, or have any action or movement whatsoever. That was what I did not like about the movie. The doll only moved a few times off camera. There were parts of the film that had the creeks, the shakes, the shivers, and the loud screams and creepy music, but I was not scared. It really set the tone for The Conjuring. I feel a sequel will be made or the Annabelle story will continue on through the Conjuring movies.