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"Horrible Bosses 2" (2014)- Review

The movie was just as EPIC as the first! Jennifer Aniston was the smae sex-crazed man maniac as she was introduced. Her opening scene with Jason Bateman had me cracking the hell up. Certain things happened in this movie that happened in the first. But you will know what is coming when you see certain events. Charlie Day really made the movie. He is just- a totally awesome actor! He made me laugh at every turn! He makes looking and acting stupid so easy that it is a shame! I could not get over the opening scene with him and Jason Sudeikis! I am laughing right now just flashing back to how they introduced their invention! Chris Pine's character was toxic, psychotic, and just messed up. He needed help in a mental institution! For real! Foxx's character was still the same- a motherfuckin' joke with Mr. Jones! The movie provided a ton of laughs and a more deeper sense of what the three friends what to accomplish for themselves rather than always working for someone else! I love…

"Beyond The Lights" (2014)- Review

I loved the movie a lot! It has a lot of twists and turns- some are good twists and the turns are stylish. It was like watching a behind the scenes look at BET Videos and the artists lifestyles. I can fully say that I appreciated the close of the film because that one word in the title of the song that the main character wrote was: pure perfection! I do not want to give anything away or provide spoilers but she found herself and that was the message that is being relayed to audiences by the script and the Director, I feel. That message is not to lose yourself in the fame and the money because it can only take you so far and you have to decide on if it will control you or if you choose to control it- yourself. It is a true and real situation that anyone in the entertainment business can face with success….and downfalls too. This movie teaches that a person needs to take control over their life and to do what makes them happy because at the end of the day, all you have is God and yourse…

"Interstellar" IMAX (2014)- Review

McConaughey gave a flawless & stellar performance- he better get ready to get nominated again at the Oscars 2015! That was all I kept saying to myself as his scenes debuted! The movie soars and takes audiences to new heights and levels of aspirations! I can see why this movie was the most anticipated movie of the year to see! Everyone did a great job! I saw the film in IMAX and it felt as if I was with NASA, in the spaceship and flying to Saturn and all other place on the moon! The sounds, the imagery, the feelings, the rush, the panic, the jolts of excitement, the rush of danger, the accelerated time, etc. Director Nolan really outdid himself in this film! The film was just under three hours, but it was still very and highly enjoyable to watch. The movie, Gravity has absolutely NOTHING on this success! I know that this movie will be a huge Box Office success! It has a all-star stellar cast of Oscar winners and a great concept! It has shocking turns and gives you a glimpse of what…