"Interstellar" IMAX (2014)- Review

McConaughey gave a flawless & stellar performance- he better get ready to get nominated again at the Oscars 2015! That was all I kept saying to myself as his scenes debuted! The movie soars and takes audiences to new heights and levels of aspirations! I can see why this movie was the most anticipated movie of the year to see! Everyone did a great job! I saw the film in IMAX and it felt as if I was with NASA, in the spaceship and flying to Saturn and all other place on the moon! The sounds, the imagery, the feelings, the rush, the panic, the jolts of excitement, the rush of danger, the accelerated time, etc. Director Nolan really outdid himself in this film! The film was just under three hours, but it was still very and highly enjoyable to watch. The movie, Gravity has absolutely NOTHING on this success! I know that this movie will be a huge Box Office success! It has a all-star stellar cast of Oscar winners and a great concept! It has shocking turns and gives you a glimpse of what people will do to make the world a better place, not only for themselves, but for their kids/families. I loved the way that it ended- it seemed appropriate. I was disappointed at certain things in the film that I wanted to see happen, but did not.  McConaughey was funny in certain parts throughout the film. He was not just ONE way the entire time and that created balance in his character and in the film seeing as the film was centered around him and his life. See it, go strap yourself in and soar!