"Beyond The Lights" (2014)- Review

I loved the movie a lot! It has a lot of twists and turns- some are good twists and the turns are stylish. It was like watching a behind the scenes look at BET Videos and the artists lifestyles. I can fully say that I appreciated the close of the film because that one word in the title of the song that the main character wrote was: pure perfection! I do not want to give anything away or provide spoilers but she found herself and that was the message that is being relayed to audiences by the script and the Director, I feel. That message is not to lose yourself in the fame and the money because it can only take you so far and you have to decide on if it will control you or if you choose to control it- yourself. It is a true and real situation that anyone in the entertainment business can face with success….and downfalls too. This movie teaches that a person needs to take control over their life and to do what makes them happy because at the end of the day, all you have is God and yourself. Every choice you make- has consequences; some you can face & others you may refuse to face. I loved the messages that this movie relays; I do because even though I have not been in these positions, I can see where the people are coming from because so many people idolize actors/musicians, etc. but some let the fame change them and who they were raised to be while others keep their lives in check. This film also showed how a mother wanted a better life her daughter- but her methods of doing that was wrong and it's what drove her daughter to do what she did. Her daughter found love and the courage in herself that a good strong man showed her to help her see that she could be what she wanted HERSELF to be and NOT what her mother wanted her to be for her, but what she wanted to be for herself! I love and admire powerful movies like this. You have to see the bad first in order to change; when the movie first came on, what I saw broke my heart, but as the film progressed, it touched my heart…


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