"Horrible Bosses 2" (2014)- Review

The movie was just as EPIC as the first! Jennifer Aniston was the smae sex-crazed man maniac as she was introduced. Her opening scene with Jason Bateman had me cracking the hell up. Certain things happened in this movie that happened in the first. But you will know what is coming when you see certain events. Charlie Day really made the movie. He is just- a totally awesome actor! He made me laugh at every turn! He makes looking and acting stupid so easy that it is a shame! I could not get over the opening scene with him and Jason Sudeikis! I am laughing right now just flashing back to how they introduced their invention! Chris Pine's character was toxic, psychotic, and just messed up. He needed help in a mental institution! For real! Foxx's character was still the same- a motherfuckin' joke with Mr. Jones! The movie provided a ton of laughs and a more deeper sense of what the three friends what to accomplish for themselves rather than always working for someone else! I loved it and I will be adding it to my to buy list when BluRay time comes around! It is twice the laughter, twice the fun, and with Dr. Harris- twice the come!