"Big Eyes" (2014)- Review

I loved the ending of the movie- the ending images and facts about who the movie was about. I am so glad that she reclaimed her life and took back what she allowed her husband to do to her. I can appreciate women who can put a man in their place and be the bigger person and gain strength despite the circumstances that they had to face. Running away from confrontation NEVER solves anything and if you have blinders on it is hard to see yourself being used for someone else’s benefit and this extraordinary film teaches all of these things. Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz had great on-screen chemistry in this movie & they portrayed the real life people to the maximum that they could go. I enjoyed the movie but did enjoy what Keane put Mrs. Keane through. He only made her see dollar signs where she was a woman of principles and ethics. She sacrificed her relationship with her one and only daughter and her integrity because he husband was throwing money at her to cloud her judgment and just went on with his plans until that day arrived where she demanded to take charge of her life and her work and this a TRUE STORY that she was proud to tell because she was NOT going to be what HE wanted her to be- but she was going to be the person she KNEW she always was: Margaret.


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