"Night @ the Museum: Secret of the Tomb" (2014)- Review

This was the most perfect way to end the series. I feel that no matter how profitable these movies were- they should have stopped here because everything happened as it should have. I see nowhere else to go and with the passing of Actor Robin Williams and he being Teddy Roosevelt, a fourth installment is NOT needed. I really enjoyed the movie. Ben Stiller’s son was older, time moved on and Stiller’s character has the opportunity to find his own new adventures or maybe his character will go back to school and get the degree that he always wanted to get for himself and for his son. There are many ways that fans of these movies can see it ending in THEIR own way rather than a movie actually about it. Use your imagination as every person says in the movies- use to dream up your won ending and it can stay alive in YOUR heart forever and ever! Having the actress Rebel Wilson in this movie with Ben Stiller was a bold and sassy move- she was too entertaining in the movie! She is a very funny actress- no matter what she is in; she will be funny and very highly entertaining!


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