"Top Five" (2014)- Review

Chris Rock did his usual thing in this movie. There was one lady in the audience who kept on laughing after the entire audience had stopped. I did not think the movie was all that funny. It was an average film. I saw it to support African American actors and I loved all the cast in the movies. Rosario Dawson really looked hot and she was the funniest in the movie and her character was a blunt and straightforward one and she played it to the maximum as she possibly could. Her acting was very believable and there was a shocking twist in the ending of the movie. Gabrielle Union was not seen a lot in the movie, which sucked because I love seeing her in movies! I say that if you want to see this movie, wait to see it for a matinee price or get it on DVD. It was not all that great. Don’t get me wrong, I did chuckle and laugh at the movie but it was not hysterically hilarious as I was expecting it to be. The cast was great and some of the twists were great as well. It will not be the top movie at the Box Office. It may be in the top 5 movies opening weekend if not lower down the line.