"The Gambler" (2014)- Review

This was not Mark's best movie- it was, I don't want to say dull but plain. I loved the gambling scenes & the fight scenes. Jessica Lange gave a stellar performance- she was the bomb! Wahlberg's character could confuse you because he was saying that he was and wasn't a gambler. You could see that the movie was cheaply made and low-budget. I love Mark's movies; whether be good or bad, I will see EVERY Mark Wahlberg movie because I am a HUGE fan of his! The beginning of the movie matched the ending equally...I do not want to give it away, but opposites is a clue. As the movie unfolds, you can fully grasp the tagline of the film being "the only way out is all in." I felt the film could have had more well-known actors in it and it could have been more deeper and action-packed. This is just a low-rate action movie & it has its high moments and its lows.