"Black or White" (2015)- Review

I really respect & admire directors who write AND direct such powerful movies such as this one for today's society. I know that there are a ton of movies that come out each and every year that are based on true stories/events while the other half are not. But in this instance, I feel that EVERY film NO MATTER the genre, has a lesson or message in it. 

Movies like this are filmed because someone in the entertainment industry has noticed that racial issues are still a big problem in today's society; sure, it will not change overnight nor will it dissipate, but at least someone is taking the time to make a movie that he/she hopes that it will spark something in a diverse amount of people to at least attempt to make a difference in the world today. 

It is not about black or white- it is about doing what is RIGHT. Period! Custody battles happen everyday all across the world- some brutal. some civil, some violent, and others go according to plan. I believe being racist is a choice- it is something that is taught and NOT inherited. If you teach a child to hate and they are surrounded by it, they will hate because they are being brought up around it. The same goes for race and prejudices. Costner & Spencer really gave flawless performances! 

I could not think of any other two actors to play the roles that they portrayed. I enjoyed the movie despite all the negativity that was attached to it. Society needs to realize that is is not about the color of someone's skin; it's about the person they are or better yet, the person they WANT AND CHOOSE to be despite what social norms and society try to project onto them.

The movie was awesome, the actors were awesome, and the writing was awesome! I was looking forward to this movie and I was not disappointed in it!