"The Boy Next Door" (2015)- Review

NO NO NO matter what the critics said about this movie, I loved it and I would pay to see it again and again! I have never seen Guzman in a role like this and to say this was his first time portraying a character like this: the man NAILED IT! Do you hear me? NAILED the hell out of it! I could not get over how PHENOMENAL he was! 

He was VERY convincing of his role! He had me jumping in my seat in fear. He had the look, the fire, the everything! This film reminded me of films like Gone Girl, Disclosure, Fatal Attraction & so many others. The sex scene with Guzman and J'Lo was THEE Highlight of the film. Their on-screen chemistry was on point and they had my attention and I know the audience enjoyed it as well- we all got our money's worth! 

I could NOT stop talking about this movie- I went to see another movie after I saw this one and I was finding myself telling people to see this movie if they have not seen it. I have posted on social media that this film does NOT disappoint and that it is a sexy must see thriller that will make you quiver! 

I went into this movie with such low expectations thinking it was going to be a low-key suspense film- was I ever wrong! There are so many twists you may get a crook in your neck! This film exceeds mine and anyone else's expectations! I could go on and on about how perfect this film is but I will let you be the judge of that! 

Just know that Lopez and Guzman light and steam up the screen- take those goggles off & see everything because no one has blinders on and why would they?