"Foxcatcher" (2015)- Review

Carrell & Ruffalo shines in the movie. Tatum was great, but the movie was all about the supportive brother and the coach who was a total wreck and I wish that Tatum's character would have seen that earlier in the film. I have never seen Steve Carrell play a serious and not to mention TRUE character such as this. The make up and work that they did- the only think that was Steve was his lurky voice. 

can see why he was nominated for this movie. I was amazed- simply amazed at how well Carrell played this part. He was VERY convincing. I am so use to him taking on comedy movies- this was a total 180 degrees for him! Ruffalo gave a stellar performance as well. 

You could tell that this was a low-budget film. It was not as great and powerful as I thought it would be, but it was quite the movie. Channing really shined. All three did, but I still feel the film was bout Dave and Jean duPont and not Mark- even thought it was. I was in total awe at the end. The last scene was epic and tragic. 

And to say that this happened in real life. I can praise Steve's performance for a lifetime. I think he deserves to win the Oscar for his role- hands down and I hope he does! The Schultz brothers definitely are a fine example of knowing what "brotherly love" can truly be defined as! Ruffalo & Tatum displayed that beautifully on screen! Just beautifully!