"The Loft" (2015)- Review

The movie had all the elements to be a huge box office success: chills, sex, suspense, thrills, twists/turns, and mystery. The cast was good- but it could have been better. The movie had a great story-line but Wentworth Miller really did not give it his all,I think. Some other actor should have played his role. He barely talked and when he did act, he did not do that good a job. 

All the other guys were having affairs & Miller's character was like the loner type, isolated and a IT geek squad type of fellow. Karl Urban took the LEAD & made this movie! His acting and the character that he portrayed. The one thing that I loved about this movie was that it kept you guessing- just when you thought it was one way- a curve ball came that you never saw coming and whatever theory you thought you had, you really lost it. 

As the story unfolds, you can see why the chain of events happened the way that they did. I still cannot help but to say this again- this movie could have been No. 1 at the box office, I really and truly feel is the actors displayed more passion about the characters and if there were some BIGGER well-known actors in the film too. 

This could have been the sexiest thriller of 2015 if the budget was bigger for the movie and the acting was a lot better than that of what I saw. I was not disappointed in the film- it was deliciously sexy and erotic, but it had the potential to be even hotter than what it was. I never took my eyes of the screen and why would you when you have five guys having hot and steamy sex in a dark loft fulfilling secret desires.....