"Selma" (2015)- Review

I enjoyed this film for the simple fact that they did NOT NOT NOT show how Dr. King died because they had so much hardcore imagery (even thought hat was how it happened) that was unbearable for me to watch and also HAVING the people in the audience making comments about the beatings and foul behavior! Ejogo did a really great job as Coretta. She is in more and more movies and that is a good things because I love seeing her! Absolutely! David, who portrayed Dr. King was stellar- but his flaw is that he cannot memorize his lines very well.

He was looking down and pausing too much for me during any speech scenes that he did have and that was distracting to me. Having Oprah in the movie- priceless! Someone passed a comment that she is always beating someone up. Lol. In the beginning of the film something happens that is so unexpected, it made my heart jump out of my chest! 

I love shocks in movies but not the kind that was in this one. I hope that all the crime that is happening in the world, this movie and other positive influential things can motivate people to make a change in their lives and stop to think about how precious life is and how much we take things for granted. Coretta Scott King fought for us to honor Dr. King on every year in January- let's stop to think about what he scarified and worked hard for: FOR US!


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