"Fifty Shades of Grey" IMAX (2015)- Review

I read the books and the movie was a mere appetizer to what contents were in the books. The books were detailed, precise, and graphic. The movie was R-rated but not Rx rated if you wanted the full Christian Grey treatment. Lol! 

Don't get me wrong- the film was steamy, graphic, and damn delicious! Me, personally, I do not see how men can get turned on treating a women like things and the women getting any sort of fulfillment or satisfaction being treated like an inapt object. I had the chance to see the film on Thursday evening in IMAX & IT WAS WONDERFUL!

For instance, in certain scenes where body parts and lips and erotic things were zoomed in to show the audience how intense the S&M and the passion for dominance was- I felt that was a great touch. It made me really get into the movie and get in Christian's head to fully understand why he CHOSE to be the man he was. 

The character of Ana was played beautifully and she was acting like any normal woman would act if they were in love with a man who feeds on pain and dominating a woman- I could understand why she would want to change him, but some people are open to change while others aren't. 

The way the film ended, I did not approve of but it matched the beginning of the film, which is probably why it ended the way that it did and it left me wanting more- just like Ana wanted more- more OF Christian (the softer side, compassionate side, caring). Any woman would want what Ana did; a man to sleep next to, a man to hold her, kiss her, tell her he loves her. Not a man to tell her "assume the position and don't make me ask you twice!" Who wants that in any relationship?  I enjoyed the movie because I enjoyed the books and I know what is in store. 

Had I not read the books, I still would have said that this was a great movie because it is something that is alive, fresh, new, and can be seen by millions and leave a lasting impression on people of all ages and all mind sets. It could have the ability to make men realize they can change if they are dominant towards women, it can show women that they can change a man if he is worth fighting for, it can show men that women can find something better if the men do not step it up and show them they are precious and should be treated as such, etc. 

The movie did not have raunchy & graphic scenes but the sex scenes are intense but not extreme. I enjoyed the film- but did not enjoy seeing what the character of Christian Grey enjoyed.