"Focus" (2015)- Review

This was a highly anticipated movie for me.....I assume that I am partial because I love Will Smith and Margot Robbie is one gorgeous young woman and it was filmed where I live: New Orleans. The movie reminded me of Lay The Favorite with Bruce Willis & Catherine Zeta-Jones; which incidentally was filmed in New Orleans as well. Robbie was sensational! 

She caught on the game and was playing everyone- that is what's so funny about this movie- so many are getting played that there really is no such thing as "the main bad guy." Just when you think its one way and one person calling the shots- a curve-ball is thrown and you miss it. Never a dull moment, but there are funny moments in this film. Smith & Robbie had on-screen chemistry.

I could see it and could feel it. There is nothing that I can say bad about the movie. It was an action/comedy type genre of a film. I can see why the name of the film is what it is because you have to do the title of this movie in order to get what you want and to score big. 

I LOVED the beginning of the movie because everything started out of focus and then it cleared up and became....wait for it- focused. The imagery in the film only enhanced the title and it showed immensely in both Robbie and Smith's respective characters. If you decide to see this movie- you will not regret it and it back, relax, eat some popcorn and get your focus on!