"Get Hard" (2015)- Review

The laughter is contagious! Will Ferrell an Kevin Hart worked so flawlessly together in this movie. It was non-stop hilarious from beginning to end. There were parts where my jaws were aching from laughing so damn hard. "Mayo & Chocolat" were just too much! The movie could make a soft man/woman hard- Kevin Hart is a stone-cold genius! 

His movies are always full of jokes and such energy. Ferrell is a funnyman too. Combining these two was triple dripple the laughter and the fun. I cannot narrow down what was my best part of the movie. Every second of the movie was funny. It never ceases to amaze me that how acting stupid can be so incredibly funny to people. 

Certain comedians have it down pat and Will and Kevin are two of those people along with a lot more I can't think of right now. If someone required me to say what my absolute best part of this movie was, I'd have to say the scene where Hart's character told Ferrell's character to go and ask a ________ if he could __________. Why ruin it for you, huh? 

There is nothing more I can say except that Get Hard really surpasses anyone expectations and it was a pure delight to watch! There was a very valuable lesson to be learned at the close of the film and that is that a friend will stick closer to you than a brother and those 2 actors portrayed that lesson- beautifully!

Are you getting hard? Hehe!!!


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