"Run All Night" (2015)- Review

Neeson's character was key to the movie...there was nothing wrong with his killer performance, but the movie was cheaply made. I could just see it- so easily. Sure, it was what Liam loves to produce, obviously: an action movie. The film was a tad bit slow starting out, but once the son is out for blood- that is when it picked up momentum. 

It was poorly edited; the picture quality was not that great &  it could have been better considering it was centered around Neeson. It was a good film to watch but it had the same story-line I felt to Mr. & Mrs. Smith- a rivalry of two people who had or have a strong type of relationship trying to hurt one another over some sort of vendetta or a job.

Common was not seen a lot in the film, but he was one badass assassin! He looked and acted the part. That man was on the warpath for Neeson's character! Kinnaman did an average job as well. Something was missing from the movie- maybe it was more intense action or something; but something was lacking and that is why it did not get the positive reception in the box office results. There is not a dull moment in the film- but it was not as good as I was expecting.